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Wedding Video

Wedding Video

Our professional video staff offers a unique cinematic experience of the highest quality.

We can offer any video format (e.g. NTCS/PAL on DVD, BluRay and Online).

Our main cinematographer is Blayre Ellestad. Blayre is a professional cinematographer and editor who specializes in wedding and lifestyle cinematography.

About the Videographers:

Elle & Be Wedding and Lifestyle Cinematography was founded by Blayre Ellestad and partner Laura Collins in 2009. Building on an internationally acclaimed commercial career in video production, Blayre has remarkably developed his talents with a keen focus on the beauty of storytelling through the use of appropriate cinematic techniques. With commercial clients such as Gene Simmons, Brunello Cucinelli and COACH, his vast experience brings a knowledge and level of skill rarely made available to the world of wedding cinema.

Laura Collins comes from a background in fashion direction, having studied in Montreal and worked in the industry at top magazines such as FASHION and Wedding Bells in Toronto. With her incredible eye for detail and design and her commanding comprehension of direction, she consistently delivers top- quality results.

Since Elle & Be's introduction to the wedding scene, they have seen their work take them around the globe to Spain, Japan, China, England, the USA and many other countries. The respect and trust of many couples worldwide has been earned through their ability to highlight the subtle differences making each wedding unique, exceeding already high expectations.

Wedding Day Process

Morning Preparations:

The video production follows the couple and wedding party from 9am - 11pm.

Captured in a cinematic documentary style, the direction and interference is kept to a minimum. There are plenty of events and real moments happening without having to disrupt the natural unfolding of the wedding day.

During the morning preparations, mini-stories particular to only your wedding are bound to unfold. This is a very special time which Elle & Be love to focus on. The unique interactions between family members, subtle exchanges of affection through gifts, and individual preparations of the wedding party are timeless.

The Ceremony:

During the ceremony, cameras are discretely operated, allowing the proceedings to flow naturally without being obtrusive. The groom and official are fitted with wireless microphones to capture a crisp quality audio recording. Multiple angles are utilized to capitalize on the great potential for cinematic moments.

Post-Ceremony/ Reception:

After the ceremony, it's common to embark on a photoshoot with the photographer. This is a great opportunity to capture the couple as they stroll through beautiful locations throughout the romantic historical city, relaxing with an espresso or a very tasty gelato! This shoot offers a wonderful picture of the couple enjoying themselves in their initial moments of officially being married. It's a once in a lifetime feeling which translates perfectly into a timeless cinematic presentation.

Upon returning to the villas, coverage continues as we move through the cocktails and on to the reception. All speeches are professionally captured with BluRay quality sound. During the meal the cameras will be put on hold to allow you to chew your food! All subsequent events, from the cake cutting and the first dance, to the dance party, will be captured in an appropriately artistic fashion.

Post Production:

Your first glimpse back at your incredible experience will appear within two weeks of the wedding, in the form of a 3-4 minute highlight film. This is perfect for sharing with friends and family, sending through Facebook and email.

You will later receive a 20-25 minute feature wedding film, including speeches, readings and highlights, all in separate chapters on customized DVD and BluRay discs.

Musical selections are welcomed and encouraged to provide guidance in finding the perfect songs to serve as a backdrop for your video. Not to be confused with a soundtrack, the music in the video serves the purpose of complimenting what is happening on screen. Therefore, we choose the music based on careful review of the captured footage, analyzing the tone and feel from the wedding. Music for your highlights is licensed for use online.

Working with Elle & Be Wedding and Lifestyle Cinematography is a wonderful experience. From the very first meeting, you will realize you're in the hands of talented, passionate and creative company. We look forward to meeting and collaborating with you!