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Symbolic Ceremony at our Villas

What is a Symbolic Wedding?

The symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy is becoming more and more popular every year. Because the ceremony is not legally binding, it allows couples to plan their Italian wedding ceremony however wish without the requirements of burdensome paperwork.

A symbolic wedding consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony which can be tailored to individual preferences, cultural background and values. Usually, couples who choose this type of ceremony have already had a civil ceremony back home (although you are not requested to be civilly married prior to a symbolic blessing), coming to Italy to have a traditional Italian wedding in a very special, private setting.

The ceremony can be performed by a celebrant assigned by Romantic Italian Weddings who will assist you in creating a personalized order of service, or even by a family member or friend from your own wedding party. In the second case, there are no costs involved in conducting the ceremony. A symbolic ceremony, by its very personal and unique nature, will vary greatly from couple to couple.


Symbolic weddings can be celebrated in a variety of locations on our grounds. Weddings can be held in one of the gardens of the villas, or at Villa San Crispolto in the ‘Temple of Love’ or inside or outside the frescoed deconsecrated thirteenth-century chapel.

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

According to your requests, we can help you prepare your ceremony in all of its relevant parts, including: a welcome speech, various readings (famous poems, texts, etc. to be read by guests or the wedding coordinator), the declaration, vows, and exchanging of rings. The ceremony will conclude with the signing of the register, which in this case is a symbolic parchment decorated with the villa’s coat of arms.