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Wedding Receptions at
Villa San Crispolto & Villa Baroncino

Reception Planning Assistance

Regardless of whether you decide on a simple champagne luncheon for two on the deck of the villa or have your heart set on celebrating with a magnificent reception, our staff will work with you on:

  • Table arrangements and settings
  • Seating arrangements
  • Elegant chair coverings
  • Color scheme
  • Centerpieces
  • Printed menus
  • Menu selection
  • Wine list
  • Bar Service
  • etc.

Exclusive Wedding Receptions

If you love to eat well, choosing to have a wedding in Italy will certainly not disappoint your taste buds! We have excellent caterers, all offering a lovely range of menus to choose from.

Assured Quality and Professionalism

With years of dedicated experience and excellent relations with organizations, local authorities and wide assortment of suppliers, choosing Romantic Italian Weddings to organize your wedding reception is a choice of assured quality and professionalism.

Our staff of highly professional chefs, cooks, and waiters will serve you lovely menus from both Italian and international gourmet traditions, offering plenty of variety and creativity in both taste and presentation.

A Range of Options for a Range of Budgets

Even though our catering services include some of the most famous names in Italy, we can offer wedding receptions for a range of budgets, from modest to the most extravagant. While some may prefer a simple, intimate champagne luncheon for two, others may desire a twelve-course wedding banquet for 100.

Below is a list of our caterers with some example menus:

The Menu

Dinner- Italian Style

The menus that we propose are generally 8 courses and can go from simple rustic cuisine to an extremely sophisticated dinner. Although 8 courses may be more than you are accustomed to at home, this is traditional in Italy. A menu listing appetizers, first courses, main courses, side dishes and wedding cake is an eight- or nine-course meal, as each dish is served separately. In our experience, we have found that our guests are delighted with this type of menu. In fact, we continually receive letters- even years later- from couples saying that they'd love to come back for their anniversary to taste the menu that they had at their wedding again.

Guests with Special Dietary Requirements

Guests with specific dietary requirements or allergies do not need to miss out on our fantastic cuisine.

Vegetartians will be offered an appropriate alternative for every non-vegetarian dish served. For those with common allergies (wheat, dairy, nuts or celiac disease, etc.) caterers are capable of preparing versions of the dishes requested, while avoiding the allergy causing ingredients, upon request.

We always organize a meeting with the selected caterer a few days before the wedding, at which time you can confirm with them the number of vegetarians or people with specific dietary requests and which alternatives you have chosen for them to eat.

A reduced menu is also available for children.

Tastings: Taste the Difference!

If you have a chance to visit us in person prior to the wedding, we would be pleased to arrange a tasting with one (or more) caterer so that you can have a better idea when making your decisions about your wedding menu. The tastings are like regular dinners in the restaurant of the caterer you have chosen; to give you a better idea of what your menu will be like at your wedding, these tastings include all 8 courses.

Wedding Cake

Our menu proposals also include the wedding cake- such as the traditional Italian wedding cake, ‘mille foglie’. Mille foglie is a cake made from layers of light filo pastry, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, and seasonal fruit. Guests will be talking for years about how good your wedding cake was!

If you prefer to have a more traditional English wedding cake, or something very similar to what you have back at home, we can also arrange for this, as well. Our trusted confectioner is specialized in working with sugar paste, and can create the wedding cake you have in mind from pictures you send her. In case you also happen to have a birthday celebration during the festivities, very special birthday cakes can also be created, upon request.


Italy is famous for its wine, a real delight for wine lovers....
Villa Baroncino and Villa San Crispolto are wine producers owning personal vineyards that produce red wine, white wine and Prosecco.
Our Wedding Packages include:

  • The villa accommodation;
  • 150 bottles of wine from our own production;
  • 200 bottles of Moretti Beers
The wine is bottled with our own label, which has the villa’s coat of arms. Our guests have found that serving wine produced on the estate where the wedding is held adds a lovely touch to the reception. The caterer will provide table service for the wines supplied.

Villa Baroncino white wine - Victoria e Adele / Villa San Crispolto white wine - Dina

  • Designation: Colli Del Trasimeno white wine d.o.c.
  • Composition: Trebbiano 60%, Grechetto- Chardonnay - Vermentino 40%
  • Production Area: the origin area are the hills overlooking the Trasimeno Lake, with a well-drained soil of medium texture that receives sun bright light from early morning to late evening.
  • Colour: Gold and brilliant.
  • Aroma: Pleasant, fairly intense with distinct floral notes.
  • Taste: Harmonius, with good liveliness and medium body, it leaves in the mouth a slightly fruity note.
  • Food combinations: It's a fresh white wine with delicate aromas and flavor suitable for fish first courses excellent with white meat courses and vegetables side dishes. It typically pairs with fried fish.
  • Total Alcohol: 12 g/l

Villa Baroncino / Villa San Crispolto red wine

  • Designation: Colli Del Trasimeno red wine d.o.c.
  • Composition: Sangiovese 90%, Cannaiolo (10%).
  • Production Area: The origin area is a part of the hills characterized with stony soils, steep gradients and a bright light from early morning to late evening.
  • Colour: Deep red with purple reflex.
  • Aroma: Wonderful perfumes of chocolate, berry and raspberry follow through to a full-bodied palate, with firm tannins and a long, refreshing aftertaste. Intense ruby red with garnet reflections. full and well expressed bouquet. dry, austere, with elegant tannins.
  • Taste: Dry, slightly tannic, it leaves the scent of red fruits in your mouth.
  • Food Combinations: This is a very aromatic red wine with a lingering mouth but easy to drink. It is suitable with cold cuts and cheese, rustic first courses such as vegetable or legume soups, and dishes including roast beef and all types of red meat.
  • Total Alcohol: 12,5 g/l

Villa Baroncino / Villa San Crispolto prosecco - Don Carlo

If a wine has the color of topaz, an intoxicating bouquet, a mischievous sapidity and is already unforgettable after the first taste, one is most surely talking about the Prosecco (an italian sparkling wine). We produce our prosecco in the area of the trasimeno hills.

  • Designation: Prosecco d.o.c. sparkling wine
  • Composition: Grechetto- Chardonnay
  • Production Area: The origin area are the hills overlooking the trasimeno lake, medium height of the vineyard is 250 mean sea level. The soil is well-drained of medium texture that receives the sun bright light from early morning to late evening. It is at the same time a clay soil often chalky, drained at major heights and deeper and richer at the level line. Mild weather with cold winters and hot summers but not too muggy.
  • Medium Precipitation: 1250 mm. sun radiation april - october: 92745 cal/cm2
  • Grape Harvest: 20th september-10th october
    Wine-making with soft pneumatic press, static settling of the must, controlled temperatures fermentation (17-19°c) with selected yeast. Refermentation temperatures:15-17°c. Cold stabilization (-4°c). Microfiltration before the bottling in order to separate the cells from the yeast of the sparkling wine.
  • Cycle Duration: About 30 days
    The grape in Don Carlo's production is Trebbiano and Chardonnay. Instead of undergoing its secondary fermentation in bottle like Champagne, Don Carlo is made using the charmat method—a production technique in which the secondary fermentation takes place in a large tank. Using this bulk secondary fermentation method not only keeps production costs down, but it also creates a fresher, simpler wine—often forgoing the brioche and biscuit aromas so common with Champagne. Don Carlo's versatility not only allows it to be enjoyed as an aperitif or a mid-meal palate cleanser, but it’s often used in cocktails such as the Bellini...
  • Total Alcohol: 11g/l
  • Total Sugar: 9-10 g/l
  • Ph: 3.20
  • Color: Straw yellow
  • Aroma: Pleasant smell of mature fruits.
  • Taste: Harmonious, fresh and fruity with good liveliness and medium body, it leaves in the mouth a slightly fruity note. Well balanced and mature.
  • Food Combinations: It's a fresh sparkling wine suitable for fish courses and light delicate food.
    Best to serve the prosecco sparkling wine at 7-8° c.

Bar Services

Bar service is essential on the wedding day and can make or break the mood of your guests; from the types of drinks offered to the expertise and friendliness of the bartenders, every detail is important.

Our Bar Service is one of our strong points, and we offer a range options to suit your needs and price-range:

  • Open Bar:

    Guests can order their favorite drinks with no limitations, with a set price to be arranged

  • Cash Bar:

    Professional bartenders will serve guests as if at a conventional bar; guests pay for the drinks they order.

  • Pre-ordering Selected Drinks:

    You can pre-order specific drinks to serve at your wedding directly from us, offering you considerable savings. As we own a restaurant and bar, as well, we are able to refund you for any unopened bottles you have purchased from us.

  • Bring-your-own:

    The cheapest alternative is to buy your own drinks at the supermarket, with no corking fees. Prices in Italy are great for drinks (ex. a beer is generally 60-70 cents, a mid-range wine bottle is generally €4-5). We allow this option for both the party and the reception dinner. The caterer will be happy to serve the drinks you have purchased at no additional charge.

Please contact us for more options regarding drink service.

The Marquee

The marquee is an extremely elegant solution for a reception location.

The ceiling inside is lined with exquisite cream-colored plissé fabric, and is equipped with beautiful white wrought-iron chandeliers that are fitted with speakers for background music during the dinner and at the party afterwards.

The floor is made of antique terracotta and the structure has sliding glass walls. It can be opened completely during the summer, but closed quickly in case of bad weather and during the winter. It is also heated, making it an ideal location for a reception year-round.

Being able to close the marquee means that preparations can be made well in advance of the actual reception and guarantees that everything will be perfect, no matter the weather or time of the reception. Likewise, being able to fully open the sliding doors allows you to have an outdoor reception that is, at the same time, completely protected!

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