Romantic Italian Weddings


Protestant Ceremonies at our Villas or at Cortona Cathedral


Protestant weddings can be celebrated both in churches and at outside locations. Weddings can be held in the garden of one of the villas, in the ‘Temple of Love’ at Villa San Crispolto, inside or outside the frescoed deconsecrated thirteenth-century chapel, or in Cortona at one of the city's historic churches.

Churches in the Area

We propose four historic churches for religious ceremonies performed in Cortona:

  • Cathedral of Cortona
  • Church of San Filippo
  • Church of San Benedetto
  • Church of Santa Maria Nuova

The first three churches are all in the historical center of Cortona, while the church of Santa Maria Nuova is just outside the center.

Validity of the Ceremony

The Protestant wedding is a religious blessing performed by an Anglican minister, and the couple is requested to be civilly married prior to the Protestant ceremony. This is why the service is referred to as a Protestant blessing. An Italian representative of the Anglican English order will assist you step by step in choosing the most appropriate ceremony and in tailoring it to meet your personal tastes while remaining in accordance with Protestant customs and requirements.

Religious Requirements and Documentation

Your Minister or his assistant will be in contact with you prior to the ceremony and will inform you of the religious requirements and documentation, however this is certainly not complicated. Together with your Minister you will be able to personalize the marriage ceremony to include scripture readings, the lighting of candles, music and exchanging of your own personal vows. A Protestant marriage in most cases can be performed, even if one of the two is of a different religious denomination, pending approval of the minister.