Romantic Italian Weddings


Wedding Planning Services

Romantic Italian Weddings differs from other Italian wedding planners in that we will assist you through the coordination of a whole staff of experts- not just one person.
This includes:
  • a legal documentation specialist
  • a caterer
  • a confectioner
  • a wine specialist
  • a bar tender
  • a photographer
  • a videographer
  • a florist
  • a wedding decorator
  • a hairstylist
  • a makeup artist
  • a musical conductor
  • a DJ
  • a transportation expert

Any and all questions you may have will be answered with maximum professionalism by people specialized in their field and with years of practical experience. When you come to Italy, you can meet all of our experts, not just your Italy weddings coordinator! Choose from our gallery of Italian wedding destinations and cherish those precious moments for the rest of your life.



More than 500 weddings successfully organized. We've been planning weddings since 2002.