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Emily and Dan-Villa San Crispolto, UK

Hello Alexandra and Marco,

I hope you are well! I just wanted to send you an email to say how sorry I am for not sending you feedback straight after our wedding. I have been meaning to write to you for so long but I have started a new business and unfortunately, this has completely taken over all of my time!! Anyway, here it is . . . .

Firstly we would like to say that we are sorry that this glowing review has taken us so long to write. We cannot express how grateful we are to Alexandra, Monica, Marco and his wonderful team who made our wedding day possible. From beginning to end, our day was absolutely spectacular and that is a testament to the amount of effort, planning and consideration that was put in to the organisation of our wedding day.

We didn’t know where to start when we began planning our wedding in Tuscany and so we sent a few emails to a few companies and just hoped that someone would be able to offer us some help and advice. When we contacted Romantic Italian Weddings we knew that we had found the perfect wedding organiser for us. Even during our initial enquiries, Romantic Italian Weddings were by far the most helpful company we contacted, they were happy to answer our questions and really reassured us that they would help us create a wedding that was unique to us. Choosing Romantic Italian Weddings was a very easy decision for us and one that we never regretted.

Marco and Alexandra were amazing in the run up to our wedding, they answered every single question we had and really put our minds at ease every time we had a slight worry –if we realised we had forgotten something, they had already sorted it! The 8 step guide also helps to ensure that nothing is left to chance and gives you an opportunity to really focus on the fine details of each and every part of your special day.

I’m not going to lie, when we put our first deposit down we were slightly worried as we had not visited the villa previously. We were anxious that the pictures on the website could be deceiving (as with many holiday destination advertisements) so we decided to book a short break to Tuscany to go and check it out before the wedding. Although this put our minds at rest, there really was no need because in real life, the villa is even more spectacular than any photograph can portray. The views when you get to the villa make you feel like you are on a movie set! At the top of a hill overlooking the lake, you could not ask for a more perfect setting, not only for a wedding but also for a relaxing holiday with your friends and family. The villa itself is equally as amazing . . .the farmhouse kitchen, the gorgeous bedrooms, the beautiful furniture, the breathtaking views from every window. . . . even the laundry room is nice! 

Monica showed us around the villa which was an absolute joy, we felt so confident when we met her as she knew everything about the villa, answered all our questions  and was so enthusiastic and happy that we came away feeling uplifted. She is so so lovely and so friendly . . . it made us glad that we had chosen Romantic Italian Weddings as I’m sure that we wouldn’t have got this reception anywhere else – she is a one off. After seeing the villa, we also decided to pay Marco a visit at his lakeside restaurant and bar/club, just to say hello . . . when we introduced ourselves he couldn’t have been more welcoming. He gave us a lovely bruchetta and some fizz on the house and made us feel very special indeed!

We then came home to plan our wedding for the next September feeling nothing but excitement – we knew that we had made a great choice as you really can’t go wrong with Romantic Italian Weddings. Each and every step of the 8 step guide made planning our wedding day so simple. People thought that we were mad when we said that we were getting married abroad but if they knew how easy Marco and Alexandra made for us, they would do it in a heartbeat too.

Our guests were completely blown away by our wedding destination – they loved the villa, its surroundings and its proximity to beautiful Tuscan towns and cities that they had always wanted to visit. Some went on trips to Florence and Sienna, some went on boat trips to the island in the middle of the lake, some stayed by the pool all day. . . Villa San Crispolto caters for all tastes so everyone was happy and this meant that we could just relax and concentrate on the wedding day.

We chose to get married in Cortona Cathedral and so Marco organised a rehearsal day for us. I had no idea what this day would entail but when the rehearsal was over I was left wondering how anyone could possibly get married without Marco to help!! His attention to detail is clearly a result of his wealth of experience, the steps he takes in the lead up to the wedding day ensures that everything runs like clockwork on the day, everyone was so impressed!

I know that everybody says this but, our wedding day was the best day of our lives. From start to finish it was flawless – it was our dream wedding. I still get goosebumps when I think  about how the doors of the cathedral opened in front of me to the pitch perfect string quartet playing our favourite song (I found the sheet music and they learnt 4 songs for us and played them all beautifully).

The food was amazing, people are always telling me that ours was the best wedding meal they have ever had and as for the wedding cake, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we came into the garden to cut our cake and were presented with a beautifully arranged table with a magnificent cake surrounded by candelabras and rose petals . . . the pictures are so lovely.

The DJ was fabulous, the hire car company were professional and friendly, the string quartet was out of this world - they even played a One Direction song for us!

Monica and Marco were there with us all day and gave everything their full attention. They had everything under control which meant that we could just relax and enjoy the day. We honestly couldn’t have asked for more and we were absolutely blown away by our own wedding day – when we look at the pictures we still cannot believe that THAT was our wedding!!

So, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you did for us, you have given us the most beautiful memories and we will remember your patience and generosity forever.

All our love,
Emily and Dan xx