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Nancy and Gabe - Cortona, Elopement


Dear Marco,

We just want to say, “Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you for putting together such a beautiful wedding package and helping us to have the most wonderful wedding day.” Our wedding day was truly perfect from start to finish.  Please send the hairdresser my warmest thanks.  Not only did he do an absolutely beautiful job on my hair, he happily changed a few pieces at the end when I wasn’t quite happy with them. The end result was stunning.  Everyone that sees the pictures loves the hairstyle.

I was so happy to have Alexandra help me get ready and put on my dress. I could feel her warmth and caring as soon as we met.  There was a piece of my dress that was not hanging correctly and Alexandra actually sewed that piece back into place while I was wearing the dress!  I was so thankful to have her there with me.  We were also honored to have Alexandra translate for us during the ceremony.  It felt so special since she was the one (so patiently and kindly) answering all of our millions of emails as we prepared for the wedding.

Kamil and Simone were great company to have with us throughout the day.  They are a funny pair!  We had a bit of extra time while waiting for the ceremony and it was blazing hot outside, so they actually went into a little trattoria and got us water.  Then we sat, just talked with them and relaxed.  They were so friendly and easy-going that it really put us at ease in front of the cameras for the rest of the day’s events.  They did a gorgeous job on the video and pictures.  Our family and friends are in awe of how beautiful they came out.

We really felt special (and quite pampered) the entire day.  The flowers were exactly as I had imagined them, truly breath-taking.  The ceremony was personal and special and we will always remember it.   The reception lunch we had on the terrace of the restaurant was exquisite.  We sat for nearly three hours and ate course after course of delectable dishes (on the terrace that we had completely to ourselves!)   I know you said that the restaurant specializes in meat, but they put together some of the best vegetarian dishes we’ve ever tasted for our wedding lunch.  We were so full that we brought our wedding cake (also absolutely delicious) back to the hotel and ate it that night.


As we settle in back in New York, we think back to our wedding day often.  It always brings a smile to our faces. It was truly the most beautiful day of our lives.


Thank you,

Nancy (and Gabe)