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Menu San Lorenzo at the Villa

Catering Renata - Menu San Lorenzo

After many years of experience in organizing receptions for weddings we have prepared with this caterer a special menu that can combine the delicacy of the Italian cooking with a more traditional style of number of courses typically of British Irish. The quality and the refinement of the food and the Italian kitchen remains the same and the only difference is the number of courses but everything will be elegantly served like in all the other menus presented. Naturally, this menu considering the reduced number of courses has an incredibly convenient price. It’s up to you to choose among all our menus the most suitable one for you.

The menu includes 3 courses plus the wedding cake and the courses of this menu are:

  • an aperitif served around the pool
  • a buffet of appetizers or a first course as you prefer
  • a main course with a side dish
  • the wedding cake
  • fruits and coffee or tea

The menu includes also the costs connected to renting the tables, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, glassware for a high level of service.

As far as vegetarians are concerned, they will be served an alternative to every non-vegetarian dish served to the other guests. Therefore, vegetarians will also enjoy the same number of courses.

While for the quite common allergies: as wheat allergy, celiac disease, allergic to dairy products, nuts allergy, our caterers will be ready to prepare the selection of the dishes required avoiding the ingredients that cause allergy itself. Therefore, allergic people also will enjoy the same number of courses.

Welcome aperitif served around the pool:

  • tarts, vol-au-vents, carpaccio, fried tidbits, Tuscan bread salad and assorted canapés
To follow in our outdoor marquee:

Buffet of appetizers:

  • Assortment of fried seasonal vegetables (vegetarian)
  • Assortment of charcuterie: Cinta Senese ham, Tuscan salami and local cold cuts
  • Sheep cheese (Pienza pecorino) served with jams and honey (vegetarian)
  • Spicy croutes (vegetarian), tuna mousse (fish-vegetarian), mushroom croutes (vegetarian) and croutes with Tuscan-style chicken livers.
  • Local flatbread with Norcia prosciutto
  • Local flatbread with rocket and stracchino cheese (vegetarian)

or a first courses to be chosen among:

  • Trenette with pesto (vegetarian)
  • Gnocchetti with farmer-style duck sauce
  • Smoked penne
  • Trofie with cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta (vegetarian)
  • Homemade Sardinian gnocchetti with spicy tomato sauce (vegetarian)
  • Bocconotti with farmer-style duck sauce
  • Pasta bonbons with truffle filling and cream
  • Tagliatelle with boar sauce
  • Pasta hearts with four cheeses (vegetarian)
  • Sticks of potatoes (a type of potato dumplings) with farmer-style sauce
  • Thick tortellini with mushrooms and truffle
  • Half-moon shaped pasta filled up with nuts sauce
  • Stars' shaped pasta filled up with "cherry" tomatoes and rocket
  • Pancakes with tomatoes sauce, cream and béchamel
  • Risotto with Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and saffron

One main course to be chosen among:

  • Filet of beef with porcini mushrooms
  • Veal rump with green peppercorns
  • Freshly sliced roast leg of pork
  • Mixed grill (chicken, pork, duck, guinea hen)
  • Roast duck with a stuffing of veal, duck, eggs and cheese
  • Soy steak with porcini mushrooms (vegetarian)
  • Soy steak with green peppercorns (vegetarian)
  • Carpaccio of warm vegetables with cavern-aged cheese (vegetarian)
  • Roast loin of beef with Montalcino red wine
  • Beef cuts with Rosemary
  • Fillet of pork with aromatic herbs
  • Flank of pork with wild fennel
  • Mille-feuille of eggplant (aubergine) buffalo mozzarella and tomato
  • Flan of vegetables with cheese sauce

One side dish to be chosen among:

  • Vegetables au gratin
  • Vegetables sautéed in butter
  • Small flan of artichokes or seasonal vegetables
  • Salad
  • Roast Potatoes


  • The traditional Italian wedding cake is "Mille foglie" which is a cake made from layers of light filo pastry, and it has a layer of chocolate cream and a layer of vanilla cream and seasonal fruit.

Fresh fruit kebab

Coffee or tea