Romantic Italian Weddings


Civil Weddings at our Villas

Providing the combination of a ‘zero stress’ legally binding ceremony with the one you have always dreamed of, civil ceremonies held in our gardens or Temple of Love are among the most popular choices for weddings. They are typically held in the afternoon around 4 or 5 pm, followed by a reception at the same villa.

Flexible and Unique

The flexibility offered by having a civil ceremony on our grounds is unmatched. Unlike a ceremony held at a church or even at the town hall, weddings at the villas can be completely customized, making the content, form and aspect of each of these weddings very unique. You can personalize the service, for example, by adding special readings and music or creating a unique order of service to reflect your own personalities.

No Transportation Issues

By having a civil ceremony at the villa you will eliminate the need to transport the wedding party and guests to and from the ceremony location and the reception, thus greatly reducing or even eliminating transportation costs all together.

Legally Binding

In order to have a legally binding ceremony in Italy, you will be asked to make a sworn statement as well as sign the wedding register in front of two witnesses; we generally book this appointment at Cortona Town Hall one or two days before the ceremony. Our specialist will fully assist you through all of the required legal paperwork.