Romantic Italian Weddings


Catholic + Civil Ceremony at Cortona Cathedral

Foreign citizens can be married in a Catholic service in Italy. By Italian law, the only church allowed to perform a legally binding church wedding is the Catholic Church, which requires that the ceremony be held in an actual church building.

Religious Documents

In order to celebrate a Catholic ceremony in Italy, you will be asked to prepare specific religious documents with your parish priest. Once the wedding planning has started, Romantic Italian Weddings staff will inform you of the documentation to complete for the religious aspect, and our legal specialist will fully assist you through the completion of the legal paperwork required for the civil part of the ceremony. The religious documentation must be sent to the Italian diocese approximately three months before the wedding.

Order of Service/ Wedding Programs

The catholic ceremony will be performed by an English-speaking priest. However, the order of service will be agreed upon by your own home parish priest; you can decide on the readings and hymns and prepare the wedding programs for the ceremony together with him. Once the wedding planning has started, we will provide you with full details on what the wedding programs should include, based on our experience. We will ask you to send us a scanned copy of your program so that we can send it to the English speaking priest performing your ceremony for final approval.

Only One Ceremony

The Catholic + civil ceremony is a single ceremony in the church. At the end of the mass, the priest will invite the wedding couple and their witnesses to the altar to sign the registers, which gives the ceremony legal validity.

Catholic Churches in the Area

We propose four historic churches for religious ceremonies performed in Cortona:

  • Cathedral of Cortona
  • Church of San Filippo
  • Church of San Benedetto
  • Church of Santa Maria Nuova

The first three churches are all in the historical center of Cortona, while the church of Santa Maria Nuova is just outside the center.

Cathedral of Cortona

The Cathedral of Cortona is the most popular choice and, in our opinion, the perfect location for a Roman Catholic wedding.

The church is 155 feet (47 m) long and 59 feet (18 m) wide. The nave rises to a height of 52 feet (16 m) and the aisles are 36 feet (11 m) long.

The layout of the church is reminiscent of the work of Brunelleschi. Two rows of monolithic columns in dark grey stone support the arches bearing the central walls of the nave. The columns and arches divide the church into six bays. A series of windows along the two walls above the arches (between the upper part of the cornice and the trusses of the wooden ceiling) once illuminated the interior of the church.