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Additional Services

Additional Services

Bar Service

Bar service is essential on the wedding day and can make or break the mood of your guests; from the types of drinks offered to the expertise and friendliness of the bartenders, every detail is important.

Our Bar Service is one of our strong points, and we offer a range options to suit your needs and price-range:

Open Bar:

Guests can order their favorite drinks with no limitations, with a set price to be arranged

Cash Bar:

Professional bartenders will serve guests as if at a conventional bar; guests pay for the drinks they order.

Pre-Ordering selected drinks:

You can pre-order specific drinks to serve at your wedding directly from us, offering you considerable savings. As we own a restaurant and bar, as well, we are able to refund you for any unopened bottles you have purchased from us.


The cheapest alternative is to buy your own drinks at the supermarket, with no corking fees. Prices in Italy are great for drinks (ex. a beer is generally 60-70 cents, a mid-range wine bottle is generally €4-5). We allow this option for both the party and the reception dinner. The caterer will be happy to serve the drinks you have purchased at no additional charge.

Deconsecrated chapel

If you would like to have an intimate ceremony on the grounds of the villa, we suggest the refined alternative of holding it in the chapel of villa San Crispolto. This stunning frescoed thirteenth-century chapel can hold approximately 30 people and can be used for non-Catholic wedding ceremonies. (A Protestant blessing is pictured in the photo below.) We are positive that you and all your guests will be extremely pleased with the unique context of our private chapel.

Gazebo (Marquee):

The permanent marquee structures at both villas provide luxurious locations for any reception or party. Both structures have ceilings lined with exquisite cream-colored plissé fabric and beautiful white wrought-iron chandeliers fitted with speakers for background music during the dinner and at the party afterwards. They also have antique terracotta floors and sliding glass walls, which can be opened completely during the summer or closed quickly in case of bad weather or during the winter, making them suitable year-round venues. Stunning views of the olive grove and the ancient tower across from the entrance to the villa with our marvelous garden and Lake Trasimeno in the background make these venues magnificent locations for any wedding. It is rare to find a permanent building like this on the grounds of other villas. We offer these structures to couples using our villas at less than a third of the market price of renting a similar structure for just the wedding day.

The Marquee at Villa Baroncino:

  • accommodates groups up to 150 people
  • measures 10 x 20 meters (32.8 x 65.6'), with a total of 200 square meters (over 2150 sq. ft)

The Marquee at Villa San Crispolto:

  • accommodates groups up to 60 people
  • measures 5 x 18 meters (16.4 x 59') for a total area of 90 square meters (nearly 970 sq. ft)