Romantic Italian Weddings


8 Steps to a Perfect Wedding


Our 8-Steps system guarantees that you can plan your wedding simply and effectively. Nothing will be overlooked, as you will be guided through a pre-established path in the organization of your special day.

We will assist you in:

  • 1. choosing and arranging for the accommodation of your guests at the villa and elsewhere
  • 2. choosing the most suitable date, time, and venue for the type of ceremony which you would like to have
  • 3. choosing catering, bar services, drinks and decoration for your reception
  • 4. choosing a photographer and/ or videographer to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment
  • 5. choosing flowers for the bridal bouquet and decorations at the ceremony and reception
  • 6. choosing a hairstylist and makeup artist for the bride and bridal party
  • 7. choosing music which will provide a soundtrack to the event- from the ceremony through the reception and party
  • 8. arranging for transportation and connections to and from locations for a smoothly running wedding day

Our Online Wedding Planning System

Organizing destination weddings in Italy can be difficult, but we've created simple tools to make planning easier and help things go more smoothly.

The "Wedding Budget Calculator" and "8 steps to a perfect wedding" are the ultimate in planning your Italian wedding helping you calculate your Italy wedding costs and organize your special day. After you have tried them, you will see the difference. We understand the many questions, doubts and concerns that bridal couples have, so we have simplified the process by setting out the different decisions to be made under separate categories. The process will be fun, exciting and not nearly as difficult as you may have imagined!

How it Works:

  1. Register online: our online wedding-planning tool is available to customers who make a reservation at Villa San Crispolto or at Villa Baroncino.
  2. Receive a password: after registering, you will then be given a password to access the reserved customer area.
  3. Use the 8 Steps guide to establish criteria and make decisions: As you go through the “8 Steps” to your wedding, we will begin our job of researching solutions for your requests, contacting suppliers, and traveling to various places to investigate the options available to you to provide the best quality for your money. We will be your ‘eyes’ here in Italy, contacting you throughout the process via email and telephone to update you on possible solutions in order to understand and fulfill your needs to our best ability.

24/7 assistance with immediate and clear replies